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The New Site is Here!

Corey Brown Site Homepage

At Knucklepuck, we thrive on building websites and tools that enable companies and organizations to achieve success online. We take enormous pride in our work.

When you do web work, it is rare that you get to experience the other side of the equation: using the tools. But that’s happened with the launch of the newest version of my site. The Knucklepuck web dev team built a site platform that is our most ambitious effort yet, and I was able to put it to immediate use. This flexible website builder was originally conceived for small businesses, but after testing the initial build (and wanting to refresh this site), I immediately saw that the platform was even more flexible than I imagined.

The page builder is my favorite tool, which you can see in action on the Home, Timeline, Testimonials, and Clients pages here. Each page has a distinct look, because the tools I used to create them offer up great solutions for the types of content I wanted to publish.

We’re currently building other sites using this platform now, but getting to sit in the client’s seat as I set up this site made it all the better. It has inspired me to create more content and imagine how I can leverage these tools even more.