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Building an Audience with Stickers

Love the Bass Stickers

May 2nd, 2009 was an exciting day. We officially launched No Treble.

As with most new site launches, we watched Google Analytics to see how people were responding. I think we had 100 visits the first day (including us). While we were realistic in our early expectations, I knew we needed to do more than simply pushing the button to make the site public.

I love stickers, so I decided to incorporate that into our story. We printed 1,000 3-inch circle stickers and set up a sticker giveaway page. Slowly but surely, envelopes started arriving in our P.O. box from fans who wanted one.

Over the next few weeks, I could see the momentum building. People were getting their sticker, snapping a photo, and posting it to Facebook (or emailing it to us). We started posting these fan photos on our Facebook page and fans responded with a question: “Where can I get one?”

Shortly after we kicked off this promo (and started running out of stickers), we discovered Sticker Mule. In the years since, we’ve order tens of thousands of stickers from them (across many projects, because stickers work!)

Sticker Mule just posted No Treble’s story on their blog. It was a great trip down memory lane.

Thanks, Sticker Mule. I love you guys!

If you’d like to give Sticker Mule a try, follow this link to get a $10 store credit.