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The Entrepreneurial Musician Podcast with Andrew Hitz

The Entrepreneurial Musician

Long before Andrew Hitz reached out to me asking if I would be a guest on his podcast, I was a subscriber. I’ve enjoyed many episodes, so it was an honor for me to be a part of this.

I discovered that Andrew lives close to me, so we did the interview in person. This proved to be the most natural conversation I’ve been a part of as far as podcasts go.

We discussed many topics on this podcast: my early music life and education, pivoting from college to a career, building No Treble, Squidoo and a whole lot more.

I’d like to thank Jason Heath for making the introductions, following my conversation with him for Jason’s own podcast, Contrabass Conversations.

And thanks to Andrew for having me – and for a great time and conversation!

Be sure to check out Andrew’s podcast.

Here’s our conversation: