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BOLD! Keynote


Corey Brown at BOLD

I met KiKi L’Italien earlier this year, and we’ve since geeked out talking about community. KiKi is the host of the great Association Chat podcast (among other things) and held an event on September 19th, 2019. She asked me to be the keynote speaker.

The event’s mission: “BOLD seeks to expand discussions, techniques, and tactics applied to community building for associations and support communities and their CEOs, CMOs, and builders at scale.”

My talk focused on No Treble, and our 10+ year run of creating an online magazine with a thriving community of bass players. In speaking with KiKi, it became clear that associations could easily replace “bass players” with the label for their members, and that’s going to be the goal of my talk. So much of what I’ve learned over the years working on No Treble has shaped what we do at Knucklepuck – from our code library’s origins to the strategies and tactics that are tied to the websites we build.