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Coreyweb Joins Knucklepuck

Coreyweb and Knucklepuck

In August 2014, after Squidoo was acquired, I was at a crossroads. Nine years of running such a huge platform had taken its toll. I knew I had to take some time off, and I had no idea what I wanted to do next.

Thanks to a few opportunities, I decided to enter the world of independent web consulting once again. As I worked with my clients, I heard of additional needs: front-end development, UX/design, and WordPress development. I know so many people in the web world that I started bringing in people I trusted the most. Suddenly, I was running a web agency again.

The agency kept growing, and I was once again doing the seven-day-a-week, long-hours-per-day grind. Fast forward to 2017, and I was introduced to Brett Snyder, the CEO and founder of the exciting digital marketing agency, Knucklepuck, by my good friend and long-time colleague, Scot Lienke. Knucklepuck was doing some limited web development at the time, but Brett wanted to expand those services. We hit it off immediately and we brought Knucklepuck into some projects of our own.

As time went on, it made more and more sense for us to merge. I am a highly reluctant CEO – much happier running a web dev team than an entire company. Brett is very much a natural CEO, and he values people and a healthy culture as much as I do.

So it was decided: Knucklepuck would acquire Coreyweb. Joey, Josh, and I are now part of the full-time team of 19 people.

Now we’re truly a full-service agency, offering SEO, paid media, content, and web dev services. Basically, we can build an entire site from scratch now and get the traffic it needs.

Knucklepuck had already achieved “Fastest Growing Company” in Arlington, Virginia. I’m looking forward to helping that growth continue.