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Musical Connections: Michael League, David Crosby… and No Treble

Rolling Stone article on David Crosby and Michael League

We’ve been long-time fans of bassist Michael League and his band Snarky Puppy at No Treble HQ. Kevin first shared a video by them in 2011, and we’ve covered them many many times since.

Yesterday, I stumbled upon a Rolling Stone feature on David Crosby and his newest album. We already knew Michael produced it, but I was shocked to see that No Treble was part of the story – and connection:

Two years ago, David Crosby took to Twitter to gush about his new favorite band. “Snarky Puppy is quite possibly the most advanced band in the world,” he wrote. “Certainly the best I’ve heard/seen.” His bassist Kevin McCormick discovered the Brooklyn jazz fusion collective via the online magazine No Treble, and over the next few weeks Crosby tweeted about them so incessantly that Snarky Puppy bassist Michael League reached out and asked if he’d be willing to contribute to the band’s new record Family Dinner – Volume 2. “I invited him to come to my house and try and write,” says Crosby. “We wrote three songs in three days.”

Kevin and I grinned ear to ear yesterday after this discovery.