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Adding a Podcast to iTunes: The Easier Way

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We just launched a podcast on No Treble. This is new territory for me, so when I went to set it up in iTunes, I started Googling.

And then my brain almost exploded.

Custom RSS feeds, tons of metadata, so many plugins and hosting providers, code, code, code… head spinning.

Then I realized there’s a much simpler way (assuming you’re using WordPress, are cool with Feedburner and have 5 to 7 spare minutes).

If you’re struggling with this as well, I hope this helps you:

1. Grab your podcast’s RSS feed.

If you’re posting your podcasts as Posts in WordPress, then you have a category for those posts.

Every category in WordPress has its own RSS feed. Just add ‘/feed/’ to the end of the category’s URL, like so:

2. Add your feed to Feedburner.

Set up (or sign in to) your Feedburner account.

Paste your podcast category’s feed link into the field and be sure to check the “I am a podcaster!” checkbox.
Feedburner: Podcast Setup

Follow the steps from there (adding your podcast’s image and details).

3. Add your Feedburner link to iTunes.

Follow this link to publish your podcast on iTunes. This link should resolve to open iTunes on your computer.

Paste your new Feedburner feed link into the box and follow the instructions from there.

4. Done!

You should now see a note that your submission has been received and is under review. Sometime after that, you should see a note that you’re approved, assuming everything went okay.