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Corbinizer: Coreyweb edition

I’m a GTD/to-do list nut. When Aaron showed my Brandon Corbin’s paper-based “Corbinizer”, I was intrigued. After trying it out, I made a few of my own mods to it. You can check out both versions here.

EW patterns by Brad Frost

For years, the first tool I reached for in the early stages of a site’s development was Omnigraffle. Then I discovered a case study on the work of Brad Frost, and his “Atomic Web Design” posts and code library. This is going to change the game.

Frederick Startup Community Talk

I started noticing the Frederick (Maryland) Web Tech community on Meetup a year or two ago thanks to their great discussion topics. One of the organizers is Paul Wilson. He recently asked me to speak at the Frederick Startup Community Meetup on October 24th.


At around 7:35 pm, seven years ago today, I sent an email to the then tiny Squidoo team that we were live and things were working. Here’s a look back at what’s happened since.

Prototype Your Next Idea

I’ll be speaking at Refresh Winchester on December 6th to discuss the art of prototyping, as well as a review of some new tools on the market.

Building Traffic with Passion, Social Media & Engagement

I’ll be speaking at the November Refresh Winchester meetup on a topic near and dear to my heart: building traffic. The talk is a follow-up to my February 2010 talk on the same subject – focusing on No Treble.

Google Analytics

On September 1, 2011, I’ll be speaking at Refresh Winchester to go over many aspects of Google Analytics – from the basic reporting to more advanced topics.

Ship It

I’ll be joined by Aaron Collegeman and Gannon Beck next month as we speak on “Shipping It“. This will be more of an open discussion than usual on project ideas and more – all inspired by Seth Godin’s “The ShipIt Journal.”

Rocket Surgery Made Easy

A while ago, Seth recommended I pick up a copy of Steve Krug’s book, “Rocket Surgery Made Easy.” I read it in a day and immediately began conducting usability tests for Squidoo. Now I’ll be speaking at Refresh on what I learned.

Bootstrap Maryland (featured image)

My friends Jared Goralnick and Paul Singh asked me to speak at their “Lean Startup” event on April 10th, and it was quite an honor. Here’s a recap.

Building Traffic with Passion, Social Media & Engagement

Nine months ago, I started No Treble. This was one of those pet projects that took off quickly and continued to grow. In this upcoming talk, I’ll share the concepts behind the platform, how it all interconnects, and how to grow an audience through social networks.

Tech Cocktail

Frank Gruber invited Viget CEO Brian Williams and me to speak at the recent Tech Cocktail Conference in Chicago. Brian and I co-developed a talk on “9 Tips to Profitability: How Squidoo Did It.”