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Speaking at Refresh: Resolve to “Ship It!”

Ship It

I’ll be joined by Aaron Collegeman and Gannon Beck next month as we speak on “Shipping It“. This will be more of an open discussion than usual on project ideas and more – all inspired by Seth Godin’s The ShipIt Journal.

Event details:

Remember that great idea you had in 2010? The one you didn’t have time to work on? That book you haven’t started brainstorming. That iPhone application you haven’t started writing. That new programming language you want to learn.

We want you to make 2011 the year you make it real, put pen to paper, and burn the midnight oil. Make 2011 the year you ship it*, and make the next Refresh the date you launch your project! You’ll be in good company.

Don’t have a project in the works for 2011? That’s OK. Bring with you a story to tell – a great book you read, a great conversation you had, a new perspective. Everyone will get 5 minutes to present – no projectors. Well, OK, if you want to hold your laptop above your head, you can use it to present a picture or two.

Guaranteed to be in attendance will be veteran Refreshers Gannon Beck, Corey Brown, Aaron Collegeman and others. They’ll kick off our session by sharing with you the progress they made on their own projects in 2010, and the projects they’re planning for 2011!

* Inspired by Seth Godin’s Ship It and this post.