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Speaking at Refresh: Usability Testing: It Isn’t Rocket Surgery


Rocket Surgery Made Easy

A while ago, Seth recommended I pick up a copy of Steve Krug’s book, Rocket Surgery Made Easy. I read it in a day and immediately began conducting usability tests for Squidoo. Game changer.

On September 2nd, I’ll be speaking at Refresh Winchester about this book and how to conduct effective usability tests for any web project.

Event details:

Inspired by Steve Krug’s Rocket Surgery Made Easy (a highly recommended book), Corey Brown will lead a discussion on the concepts of do-it-yourself usability testing and finding and fixing usability problems.

Since reading Rocket Surgery Made Easy, Corey’s been leading usability testing sessions for Squidoo, finding issues that funnel analysis and web analytics can’t uncover. He’ll share what he’s learned, and show you how anyone can do this style of usability testing.